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​$1 to start then only $​47 per month!

​In ​this course you will learn two secrets only the pros know that will make ​everything else you do 10 to 100 times more valuable.

Class begins on ​​Tuesday, ​April 30th , 2019

I know how you feel.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of taking control of their own lives or making the leap into something new... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming? It's scary. It's unknown...confusing.

  • Are you frustrated by not having the technical skills ​you need to get your ideas and products out there on a web site?
  • Do you feel like your mindset just isn't where it needs to be for success?
  • How many ideas do you have that get bottle-necked and roadblocked by a lack of basic knowledge you need right now?
  • Do you feel trapped because you think the only solution is outsourcing and you don't have the money to outsource quite yet?
  • And even if you're already outsourcing, how do you know for sure you haven't just been ripped off?
  • How do you know the site you just had developed ​is secure?
  • How do ​you know every visitor you send to your site doesn't get infected with a virus or trojan of some sort?
  • Are you just so confused you don't even know what to ask?
  • Are you overwhelmed with tech and mindset issues to the point of distraction?

​We can't let these things hold you back.

​I know you have great things you want to accomplish. I know you have loved ones you want to help. I know you have a legacy you want to ​create for your family. Dr. Joe has always told me the greatest thing about having wealth is being able to share it with loved ones.

What is your greatest desire?

  • ​Generating more money in your current or new business
  • Helping fund a charitable organization
  • Funding a charity, like animal rescue, feeding the hungry, or housing the homeless.
  • ​Being free of debt and money worries
  • ​Having  more time to be a better parent and or spouse
  • ​Traveling the world and experiencing all life has to offer
  • ​Bringing your story to the world
  • ​Leaving a business legacy for your children
  • ​Being able to live exactly where and how you want
  • Having a nicer, newer car, boat, plane, motorcycle...
  • ​Filling your financial and spiritual cup
  • ​Helping people in ways you haven't thought of yet
  • ​Completely re-inventing your life
  • Re-discovering the child-like wonderment for life once again

We ​have the help you need.

​Chuck Pennington, Dr. Joe Vitale, Harry B Happy Bartholomew
Your Hypnotic Marketing Lab Teachers

Give ​​us ​just a little bit of your time each week and we will make sure you know the technical magic and mindset ninja skills you need to have in your arsenal to create every aspect of your best life​.
From there you will have the ability to boldly ​move ahead without fear or trepidation.

You could spend years of frustration and spend thousands of dollars trying to learn these skills...or I can teach them to you and show you how to implement them in your new entrepreneurial journey much more quickly and efficiently.

Here is what you'll get and more...


​Ask Dr. Vitale ​Anything sessions

Begin with a video conference with Dr. Joe Vitale where you can ask him anything! His regular video consultation price of $5000 /hr. You have never seen a deal like this to consult with him directly.


​Mindset Training certified by Dr. Vitale

Make sure you have a success mindset going in. Learn to find and eliminate your limiting beliefs and develop laser-focus on the outcome you expect.


​Tech ​Stuff Action Plans

Receive 24 step-by-step actions plans along with the video training to easily implement them.


​Weekly Live Video Training

Train live every week with VLM Hypnotic Marketing Master Chuck Pennington ans special guests.


​​Mindset Action Plans

Receive 24 step-by-step mindset actions plans. Skills are useless if you're not in the right head-space. Designed by Dr. Joe.


​Weekly ​Office Hours

Take advantage weekly ​office hours video conferencing where you get support with answers to your questions as they come up and review of your projects in progress. 


​The Toolbox

Stay on track, not sidetracked by Flashy-Object Syndrome. We’ll show you only the tools you need and when and how to use them. 


​The Sequence

Keep your horses before your carts. There are tricks to it. We'll make sure you’re are always moving forward.


​​Your Mastermind

Learn to run your own mastermind group of 5 to 7 classmates for ongoing support and accountability to your goals. We'll show you how!



Meet like-minded folk and create partnerships You will be part of an online community where you can ask questions, get support.

What You'll Discover in this Course:


​You can do this!

​Since you're reading this, you're already ahead of 95% of people in creating the live they deserve. Keep going! When you finish this course, you'll be ahead of 99%.


There is a better life for you out there

​No matter where you are now...start from there. Stir the water, create the motion, take inspired action, co-create your ​new life. The universe is ready...are you?


​You are amazing!

​There's not one person on this planet that doesn't have an amazing hidden treasure inside them. Dr. Vitale has made it his legacy to find amazing gift in you.


​You are more than your current situation

​Dr. Vitale was once homeless and only had a pencil to move forward. He knows what it takes. He knows you are more than you are dealing with right now.

You can be the hero you want to be!

​There has never been a better time in history to start a new business and pursue your dreams.

What Else You'll Discover in this Course:

​The One Secret

You'll get to know the secret that Oprah knows that enables her massive, multi-​faceted empire

  • It's the magic J.K. Rowling uses to continually grow the ​amazing wizarding world she's created.
  • It's what Walt Disney knew that makes you still know his name and empire.
  • ​The Tony Robbins empire is built on this concept.
  • It's the same secret Dr. Vitale knows that has been the fuel to write over 75 books.

The very same secret that was revealed to me at an invitation-only event by the owner of one of, if not the largest of digital marketing firms in the world.

PLUS: The Golden Concept = Entrepreneurial MAGIC!

Think exponential...
​You will  one beautifully magnificent concept that will make all your work exponentially more valuable.
This word is the catalyst for the great fortunes and massive empires built by Oprah, Rowling, Disney, Robbins, Vitale and so many others.
You are going to learn The One Secret and The Golden Concept in the first month of your entrepreneurial journey.
Think about that for a moment.
You can do this.

I guarantee these two insights will...

  • Save you years of frustration an​​​​​​​d misunderstanding.
  • ​Save you thousands of dollars
  • ​Shorten your learning curve by years
  • ​Put you ahead of 99.5% of entrepreneurs.
  • ​Allow to re-frame everything you do...into something profitable.
  • Allow you to focus ​all you do through this extremely valuable lens

​These two concepts alone are worth the entire amount you're going to invest in this course!

...and don't worry. I won't leave you hangin'.

I'm not going to tell you what ​these things are and then not tell you how to use them. That wouldn't be cool.

What ​would really be cool, is this...

You...learning fast, efficient, cost effective ways to take full advantage of this valuable, little known kernel of truth.

You...discovering concepts and skills that are like having VIP skip-ahead passes at the amusement park.
It's like having your entrepreneurial third eye opened wide up.
And you....knowing golden nuggets of wisdom that alone will pay for any amount you invest in this course. 

​Dr. Vitale and I know these two things to be true through over 35 years, over 75 books, and millions of dollars of products and services being sold.

​We also, recently attend an invitation-only mastermind deep in the Texas Hill Country at a place called The Wizard Academy where the room was filled with the the Wizard of Ads and a room full of the biggest names in online business. The owner of one of, if not the largest, digital marketing firms in the world confirmed both of these concepts as being ​key to their success.

In fact, the entire two-day mastermind was dedicated to the second concept.

I will ​clue you in on exactly what we talked about. This discussion alone ​will be worth the price of the entire course.
Any training, seminar, coaching, business strategy session you ever pay for will not be as valuable if you don't know these two pieces of information. However, if you do know them, everything you do will be 10 to 100 times more useful and valuable.

This course is a unique blend of inner-game and current tech skills inspired by the quintessential entrepreneurial guide Hypnotic Marketing and other great works by Dr. Joe Vitale.

I've worked very closely with Dr. Vitale to ensure we take care of you, providing everything you need to begin and sustain your journey into your best life. We want to make sure you have the best foundation possible and every tool you need in your tool kit.

Having the skill set you need is one thing, but having the right mindset is equally, if not more important to your success.

We've got you covered there too.

Dr. Vitale is a mindset expert with over 35 years of helping people create their best lives. He knows how to create "The Abundance Mindset" you'll need on your new journey.  We want to make sure that this mindset is one of the first tools you have.

Dr. Vitale will be our guest during the first session where we'll discuss..​.

  • Mindset Tips, skills, and techniques for making life changes​​​​​
  • Law of Attraction,  Subconscious' role in creating reality
  • Clearing limiting beliefs
  • Victim-hood and how to ​leave ​it behind
  • Using a pencil as a pivot point, bouncing out of your current situation
  • The role gratitude has in your journey
  • Using your thoughts as a programming tool to reprogram your beliefs

​PLUS 24 Dr. Vitale Mindset Action Plans to help support you.

Also, during week three we will have VLM certified Ho'oponopono Expert and former Buddhist monk, Harry B Happy Bartholomew to discuss mindfulness, clearing techniques, and pricing for metaphysical and other services folks have a difficult time pricing.

If you've been struggling with finding clarity, being able to meditate, and finding and clearing energy blocks in your life (remember, everything is energy), you will find this session with Harry simply amazing. I dare say life changing. It will most certainly bend and reshape your mind and view of your place in the universe.

During this special mindset session Harry will be discussing and providing action items on helping you understand:

  • Your place in the universe and your role in Co-Creation
  • Clearing, Cleaning, and Tuning your body's energy
  • ​The Art of Observation - Looking at yourself through the eyes of the Divine
  • ​Mindfulness and Meditation techniques
  • Finding and clearing mental blocks and physical issues
  • ​Simply becoming a better version of yourself

As you can see, we really want to make sure that you have everything you need to begin your life expanding, ​"making-the-leap" journey from where ever you start.

Right now is ​your pivot point. 

You've been looking for something like this. You started with a desire to change and here you are. You've ​taken inspired action from a thought or idea that came to you from reaching out in​to what Dr. Joe calls The Great Something.  See how it works!

​One of Dr. Vitale's favorite pieces of advice is to "start where your feet are." Right here and right now. Now is always and ever your only point of creation.  

You can't create from the past, you can only act in the now, and what ​you do now will, without fail create your future.

Pause for a moment...

Consider how well we have you covered on the mindset side of things.

If there is anything we haven't covered, if there any questions you have that remained unanswered, we will be there for you to ask questions and to clarify anything you need during our weekly Clarity Sessions. Also, I meet every Monday with Dr. Vitale. If there is anything that comes up that we can't solve together, I can always discuss it with him and get a deeper clarity on any issue.

How's it all sounding so far?

Th​ere is no reason for you to guess and wonder about the tech stuff either.

When the pros say, "I don’t  know how to do that...my tech guy does it for me..."
I'm that tech guy.

I know how to do ​the things you need done. I know when and in what order you need to do them, and I will show you how.

You ​will spend years of frustration and hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to learn these skills...or I can teach them to you and show you how to comfortably implement them into your web presence in of two short months.

​The tech stuff that I see so many folks struggle with is so easy...if you just know some key ingredients. I've watched folks struggle and I've been asked tons of tech questions. I know where your pain is...and I've got the medicine.
A good friend of mine was telling me a tale of woe about the time and money to took to coordinate the outsourcing of a new domain and blog setup.
I asked her to time me... I can't type the words she said when she saw how fast and easy it was because children might see this. You could pop a bag of popcorn in the time it took. I'm not going to tell you how much she paid for it cause she might get mad at me and so might the person that overcharged her for it.
As someone who has been blessed with over ​30 years of technical knowledge and skills, it's frustrating to see my friends and business colleges continue to struggle with the same tech issues over and over.
When I have any idea I can get in up and online quickly and easily. I've helped others do it and I want to help you ​ do that too.

Stop for a moment, and think about this...

Right now, do you know any tech person that will teach you all of this? Much less give you their email address and let you ask them questions?

Do you know a technical BAD ASS?

Do you know a technical BAD ASS with over 8 years working with Dr. Joe Vitale? (no, you don't, not unless you do actually know me)

Do you know a technical BAD ASS with over 8 years working with Dr. Joe Vitale ​who will spend two hours a week with you not only making sure you understand this treasure chest of skills, but will also make sure you know how to implement them for specifically what you need to get done?

​Can that person get you access to the mindset tips, tricks, and techniques that Dr. Vitale has created just for you? The ones that Dr. Vitale knows you need at this critical point in your journey?

Even if you did know that person and you could convince them to consider doing such a crazy thing...

How much do you think they would charge you?

Let's pause and let that sink in a minute...

If you were to do a comparative analysis of​ this course to others like it (which there aren't any), you'd likely find courses priced the $​797 to $997 range and they don't get you an Ask Joe Anything session with Dr. Joe Vitale.  

​This course has ten times the specific, usable, practical methods, strategies, systems and details in my estimation and you DO get an Ask Joe Anything session with Dr. Joe Vitale.  

​With the "​Vitale Life Mastery HypnoticMarketing - Lab Basic" package you get the live webinars, the Q&A hangout time, forums, membership area, and direct access to me for the full two months.

It's the most in-depth course I know ​that covers the skill set and the mindset you will need to have the best foundation to create the life you desire and deserve.

​​Try it for $1 to get started, then only $47 per month.

  • You should take advantage of this offer unless you want to continue to remain frustrated and confused about how to quickly and easily build your web presence.
  • You should take advantage of this offer so you can move quickly to market when you have an idea for making money online.
  • You should take advantage of this offer since you want to become empowered by technology instead of being debilitated and held hostage by it.
  • You should take advantage of this offer because tasks that now take you hours will take you only minutes.
  • You should take advantage of this offer if you are wondering if the money you spend outsourcing is well spent.
  • You should take advantage of this offer because you can market your new-found skills for nice sums of cash quickly.

So, here's what you get ​with
​Vitale Life Mastery HypnoticMarketing - Lab Basic

  • ​1-hour weekly webinars of structured teaching
  • ​1-hour weekly ​Clarity Sessions - ask questions, get project reviews
  • ​My private class email address where you can ask me anything we don't cover or that comes up between classes
  • ​A class forum where you can go and discuss ideas and create business deals, masterminds, and friendships
  • ​Life time access to the video replays of all teaching sessions
  • Life time access to the ​class forum
  • ​Your own Mastermind group for ongoing support and accountability
  • Your own class environment where we'll track your progress
  • ​The HypnoticMarketing Lab Resource guide - the right tools at the right time at the best prices.
  • Special pricing and discounts on Dr. Vitale's and other VLM live events
  • Special Pricing on Hypnotic Marketing Lab Elite
  • PLUS -24 Hypnotic Marketing LAB Action Plans
  • PLUS -24 ​Dr. Vitale Mindset Action Plans
  • ​Dr. Vitale's Hypnotic Marketing Bonus Pack including a newly updated version of his best-selling book Hypnotic Marketing 2.0.

Oh yeah!...and The One Secret:

PLUS: The Golden Concept = Entrepreneurial MAGIC!

​This is an education course that requires your participation and involvement. As each person's situation and activity level will be different, we can not guarantee any particular results. We can teach you to play guitar, so to speak, but we can't actually pick it​ up and ​play it for you. Also, this is not a "get rich quick" thing. It's not a "done for you, business-in-a-box" thing. We can guarantee the quality and value of the training and will promptly issue a refund if you are not happy with the content and teaching. ​The rest is up to you.

The good news is...You can do this! Let's get started!

​Class begins in:


​$1 to get started then only $47 per month.
Class begins on ​​Tuesday, April 30 , 2019


​Class time ​T​uesdays 9 pm CST
Clarity Sessions - ​Thursdays 11 am CST
Replays always available.

​Chuck Pennington - Dr. Joe Vitale - Harry "B Happy" Bartholomew

​Your HypnoticMarketing LAB Basic Teachers

​21 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't ​like any aspect of this course​ within the first ​21 days after the course starts, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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